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Our thesis that Hanoi Jane has been engaged in a deliberate campaign to reinvent herself is explained in this site's archives for May 8, July 1, and August 7, 2001.


The last gambit we reported occurred on July 21, 2001. Apparently, Fonda took August off.


However, early in September she was at it again.


On September 5th, The Santa Fe New Mexican reported that "The Big Country backdrop was real, and so was Jane Fonda, picking up trash along the Pecos River. The star . . . spoke out Monday about keeping America beautiful. Fonda, owner of a 2,000 acre ranch nearby, was joined by about two dozen fly-fishing enthusiasts to help clean the river after the summer onslaught. 'You don't find a place that's 25 minutes from a city like Santa Fe' and yet 'is completely isolated,' she said, 'and needed me to bring it back to health.' Young people should learn to respect the land, too, she said. She called out to several camper groups Monday: 'Be sure that you pack your trash and take it with you.'"


A few observations.


As we said above, the reinvention proceeds apace.


Worse, it is the height of hypocrisy that this woman who journeyed to wartime Hanoi to foster and contribute to the anti-American propaganda efforts of the Communist North Vietnamese should be spouting platitudes about keeping America beautiful. Fonda hated America, could find little to commend it, exalted communism, and worked for the defeat of our country on the battlefield.


The America that Hanoi Jane now says she now wants to keep beautiful was defended by American men and women whom Fonda deprecated. They are the real heroes in keeping America, not only beautiful, but free.