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Practice of Law


My legal practice in state and federal courts, only as a consultant to other lawyers and law firms, consists mainly of constitutional law, appellate practice and substantive (e.g., summary judgment) trial court motions.  In addition, as individual counsel I prepare petitions seeking, and briefs opposing, writs of certiorari, and party and amicus curiae merits briefs for cases in the Supreme Court of the United States.  I have also consulted with other lawyers and law firms prior to the commencement of litigation in an effort to "shape the battlefield" by favorably maximizing eventual appellate and other issues.

I am a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, six United States [federal]Courts of Appeal (First, Second, Seventh, Tenth, District of Columbia, Federal Circuit) and various United States [federal] District Courts. I have been a member of the bar of the State of New York for fifty years.

I have also represented clients pro hac vice (“by leave of the court”) in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Thirty representatively interesting state and fedeal appeals of the hundreds I've participated in are:


            Hernstadt v. Hernstadt, 373 F.2d 316.


            Gotthilf v. Sills, 375 U.S. 79.


            Rogers v. Bellei, 401 U.S. 815.


            Vacca v. Commanding Officer, 446 F.2d 1079.


            People v. Laverne, 14 N.Y.2d 304.


            People v. Ressler, 17 N.Y.2d 174.


            Ayn Rand v. The Hearst Corporation, 31 A.D.2d 406, aff'd 26 N.Y.2d



            Jones v. Butz, 374 F. Supp. 1284 (three-judge court),  aff'd 419 U.S. 806.


            People v. Stanfield, 44 A.D.2d 780, aff'd 36 N.Y.2d 467.


            Consumers Union v. Albright, 427 F. Supp. 840 (three-judge court);  aff'd

            438 U.S. 901.


            Country-Wide Insurance Co. v. Harnett, 426 F. Supp. 1030 (three-judge

            court); aff'd 431 U.S. 934.


            People v. Limage, 57 A.D.2d 906, aff'd 45 N.Y.2d 845.


            Solyom v. Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission , 452

            A.2d 1283 (brief amici curiae on behalf of United States Senator Jesse

            Helms and United States Representative Ron Paul).


            Nevada Indep. Broadcasting Corp. v. Allen, 664 P.2d 337, 9 Med. L.

            Rptr. 1769.


            People v. Drake, 61 N.Y.2d 359.


            In re Polovchak, 97 Ill.2d 212, 432 N.E.2d 873; aff'd 454 N.E.2d 258.


            Medvid by Jeziersky v. New Orleans Police Dept., 621 F.Supp. 503.


            People v. Tumerman, 133 A.D.2d 714.


       U.S. v. Yonkers Board of Education, 837 F.2d 1181(brief amici curiae

       on behalf of Washington Legal Foundation representing Save Yonkers

       Federation and Coalition of Concerned Yonkers Citizens).


       In Re Save Yonkers Federation, Inc., 872 F.2d 1021(Writ of Prohibition to

       restrain remedy in housing desegregation case).


       Spallone v. U.S., 493 U.S. 265 (brief amicus curiae on behalf of Save

       Yonkers Federation).


            Golden v. Clark, 76 N.Y.2d 618, 564 N.E.2d 611.


            Mehiel v. County of Westchester, 571 N.Y.S.2d 808.


            Liability Investigative Fund Effort v. Medica Malpractice Joint

            Underwriting Association of Massachusetts, 569 N.E.d 797.


            Animal Legal Defense Fund v. Espy, 23 F.3d 496 (brief amicus curiae  

            on behalf of Institute for Animal Rights Law).


            Liability Investigative Fund Effort v. Malpractice Professional Insurance

            Association, 636 N.E. 675.              


            New Mexicans For Bill Richardson and Congressman Bill Richardson   

            v.Gonzales et al., 64 F.3d 1495.


            Schism and Reinlie v. United States, 316 F.3d 1259 (en banc).

            Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye, Inc. v. City of Hialeah, 508 U.S. 520 (brief amici curiae                on behalf of International Society for Animal Rights and other animal protection organizations).

            United States v. Stevens, ___U.S.___ (brief amicus curiae on behalf of International Society

           Animal Rights).

I have "ghost written" countless briefs for other lawyers in state and federal courts throughout the country during the last fifty years, including in the Supreme Court of the United States.