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MAY 30, 2001



This is the text of a Letter-to-the editor Professor Holzer sent to The Santa Fe New Mexican on May 27th.


"The gossip column of Sunday's New Mexican confirmed a rumor that Jane Fonda has purchased property in Rowe [just outside of Santa Fe]. The paper then reported that she's inviting her Rowe neighbors to a shindig on June 2. As the author of a forthcoming book proving that Hanoi Jane's propaganda broadcasts and other conduct in North Vietnam provided more than sufficient evidence for a treason indictment and conviction, I am struck by two ironies. First, that of all places in America Fonda has chosen New Mexico with its unique connection to Bataan and Corregidor, whose defenders share a common bond with the American POWs of Viet Nam. Second, that Fonda would hold her open house less than a week after Memorial Day, when we honor our fallen veterans. It is my greatest hope that in honor of those veterans the citizens of Rowe will boycott Hanoi Jane's party, and that all New Mexicans will shun her whenever and wherever they encounter her in our state. Although Jane Fonda's aid to the North Vietnamese occurred nearly three decades ago, many of us have not forgotten."


The newspaper did not print the letter.


Professor Holzer made essentially the same point yesterday in letters to the American Legion and VFW chapters in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, adding that "[i]f any of you plan to protest, I shall be proud to march with you." As of now, none of the four organizations have informed me that they plan to protest.