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MAY 29, 2001



Our May 8th entry on this site described the previous night's tribute to Jane Fonda at New York's Lincoln Center. We now have an update on that event, which bespeaks of the underlying animosity still out there toward Hanoi Jane.


The New York Observer has reported "a curious chill," "an oddly muted ceremony, empty seats and scattered applause" that "greeted the woman who is still known as 'Hanoi Jane'."


Following the film tribute at Lincoln Center, traditionally there's a party at Central Park's upscale Tavern on the Green. Usually, it's packed. This time, however, the Observer reported that the Tavern "was remarkably uncrowded, and those in attendance were treading carefully around Ms. Fonda." One regular noted that the post-tribute parties "are never that empty. It was a very lukewarm reception. It's hard to get excited about someone who aids and abets the enemy."


When, at the tribute Fonda spoke about how she had helped soldiers to question the Vietnam War, according to the Observer "the room was silent. A few people got up and left."


Remember, this happened at a Lincoln Center Film Society event. In New York City. Neither the event, nor the venue, are especially right wing or pro-military. Probably quite the contrary. And yet, at least to some extent, Hanoi Jane laid an egg. This tells us that her propaganda efforts and other conduct in North Vietnam remain very much remembered, not just by those of us who will never forget, but also by those who we may sometime think, wrongly it seems, have forgotten. Also, the events of Lincoln Center once again underscore the importance of dogging her steps and never allowing Hanoi Jane to forget what she did those many years ago in that far off land.