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Today's political environment demands that every citizen be well informed about the most important document in the history of the world, the Constitution of the United States of America. If you've forgotten what it is that made us great, and what we should defend everyday, Professor Henry Mark Holzer is providing the perfect reminder. Our Founders devoted themselves to creating the framework for our Nation. Professor Holzer is giving us a unique 20-hour course about what the Founders intended the Constitution to be, and what has become of it at the hands of the Supreme Court.

KAC, Founder, Chair and CEO, Maine Center for Constitutional Studies, Portland, Maine

*  *  *

When I heard Professor Holzer’s first lecture I was captured by his clarity, his passionate patriotism and his clear, cogent and insightful analysis. He is a remarkable teacher, with a capacity for simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-grasp terms.  His Constitutional Law 101 is a course that will benefit not only lawyers and law students, but laypersons like myself who love our country and who need to understand the Constitution and what has become of it at the hands of politicians and judges.

 JW, Teacher, Los Angeles, California

*  *  *

I've had a chance to listen to the first two Con Law 101 lectures on my trip out to Salt Lake City and I have the third one for my flight back today, thank you very much for offering them, they are fantastic.

TMcM, Investment Advisor, Scranton, Pennsylvania

*  *  *

Brilliantly and dramatically, Professor Holzer analyzes how a conflict for the soul and the future of America has been, and is still being, fiercely waged over the U.S. Constitution and in the Supreme Court of the United States.

AR, Screenwriter, Los Angeles, California

*   *   *

Thank you . . . for your great contirbution to the cause of freedom. I do hope more people get to listen to this eye-opening lecture series.....and finally get to understand “the great contradiction” -- and particularly the true meaning of the term “rights.”  Not just for the sake of our judicial system, but for the sake of “civilization” as we know it today.
HG, Physician, Encino, California
*   *   *

You should know that although constitutional law is only tangentially relevant to my work, it improves my understanding of the world. I have found the course fascinating, well integrated, and worthwhile.  I am better informed as to the right questions about the constitution, and as to the history of the constitution and of the United States. Thank you. I really appreciate these examples of how collectivism has insidiously infected our world. Further, I am inspired and motivated by your characterizations of Justice Thomas' achievements. Thank you for all these!

PD, Lawyer, New York, New York