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In Self Defense The Sovereign State Of Israel Must Act Preemptively




I begin with six indisputable premises.


First, Israel is a democratic sovereign state. 


Second, it is heir to centuries of rabid anti-Semitism.


Third, in the sixty-some years of its existence, it has suffered countless acts of state and state-sponsored aggression ranging from border incursions to homicide bombings to full-scale military invasions. 


Fourth, the rogue regime in Iran, which is the fundamental threat to Israel today, is controlled by anti-Semitic theocrats. 


Fifth, Iran’s Hitler-like “president” has loudly and repeatedly waved a potential nuclear sword, promising that the final solution will be to annihilate the State of Israel.


Sixth, for starters, in its most recent campaign Iran has loosed its terrorist puppet, Hezbollah, to attack Israel militarily on the ground and with a barrage of rockets launched into the Jewish homeland. 


Facing Iran’s unambiguous nuclear-backed threat, Israel has two options.


Option one is to wait a while before taking preemptive action against Iran, until that rogue nation escalates its attack on the Jewish state—through use of surrogates like Hezbollah in Lebanon, or until Iran actually obtains nuclear weaponry.


Option two is that sooner than later Israel reprises its 1981 pre-emptive strike on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear facility, this time hitting Iran.


Which choice is best for survival of the Jewish state?


Our own history provides some guidance.


In self-defense, to protect the United States and its citizens—though often much of our conduct was criticized by the “international community” as being “preemptive” (or what, today, is deprecatingly called “disproportionate”)—we armed the Greek anti-communists; we chased the defeated North Korean army all the way to China; we supported the South Vietnamese, wiped out the Viet Cong, and rained explosive destruction on North Vietnam; we dropped airborne troops into near-communist Grenada; we provided Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance with Special Ops fighters; we put boots on the ground and rained fire from the air to depose Saddam Hussein. 


And in today’s war with the radical Islamists we have—righteously and in self-defense—kidnapped, incarcerated, tortured, assassinated, and killed key operatives of al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.


We have done these things—some overtly, some covertly—to defend the United States and its citizens from those who want to see us at least subjugated and, preferably, dead.


Yet today the tiny State of Israel is told that the “international community” is opposed to Israeli preemptive military action against Iran.


The Israeli’s are told that “diplomacy” and “compromise” are the “civilized” options—that preemption is verboten, that self defense has “proportionate” limits.


The Israelis are told that “international law” would not support a preemptive strike on Iran.


To the extent international law has any meaning at all in the context of any war, that system is impotent to deal with today’s terrorism because it is waged by states and their irregular surrogates (like Hezbollah) who disdain law of any kind.  The only law they believe in is Sharia—and what comes from the barrel of an RPG or the tube of a missile launcher.


In the context of aggressive state-sponsored war, notions of international law should not deter Israel because those notions are, simply, a travesty.


In the Twentieth Century alone, German Nazis, Japanese Imperialists, Italian Fascists, Soviet Communists—and let’s not forget the North Koreans and the North Vietnamese—unhesitatingly initiated attacks against their neighbors.


“International law,” and its prattling proponents—impotent intellectuals in academe and The Hague—could not stop, let alone prevent, the extermination of Jews, the Rape of Nanking, the bombing of Ethiopia, the starvation of Ukraine, the sacking of Seoul, and the slaughter of innocents during Tet.


When the State of Israel by preemptive strike against Iran defends itself in this increasingly hostile, dangerous, and murderous world, much of which is devoted to destruction of the Jews, Israelis will be keeping faith with their people and their posterity: Jewish survivors of centuries of mindless hatred, oppression, murder, and genocide.


Not only is it not immoral for the Israelis to defend themselves by a preemptive strike on Iran, it is a moral imperative!


“Never Again!” is a promise which must be kept.