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Professor Henry Mark Holzer


Like many other Americans, I am deeply concerned about our nation’s future.

The Weekly Standard of December 21, 2009 reported that “a survey commissioned by the American Revolution Center” found that “when it came to a simple test of knowledge about the founding [of the United States of America], nearly 83 percent of . . . Americans failed.”

In the face of this woeful ignorance, the Constitution of the United States of America is under an unprecedented attack by Barack Obama and his runaway Democrat Party, aided and abetted by the complicit mainstream media.

Yet with a few notable exceptions there is hardly any knowledgeable defense of our founding document to be found anywhere.

Not on radio or television.  Not in the press.  Not at the grassroots.  Certainly not in academia.  Nor, sadly, among most Republicans, Conservatives and even Libertarians.  Most of the media’s “instant” pontificating constitutional experts, especially those on national television, do more harm than good because they spread disinformation that is neither knowledgeable nor principled.

While many “tea party” activists and other patriots are valiantly trying to fight for core constitutional values, they are disarmed because they have been taught little about American constitutional law.  The fact is that everyone fighting for America today, in order to defend the Constitution, is obliged to know the answers to numerous crucial questions. 

Some examples:

  • Can Congress constitutionally require Americans to buy medical insurance?

  • Did Congress lack the constitutional power to give a lame-duck, unelected treasury secretary unchecked and unsupervised power to dispense a trillion dollars of taxpayer money?

  • Does Obama have the constitutional power to appoint unaccountable “czars” to rule over virtually every aspect of our lives? 

  • How was a bare majority of the Supreme Court able to usurp constitutional control over America’s national security and the “War on Terrorism” from President George W. Bush?

  • Why do even supporters of Roe v. Wade’s result admit that, as constitutional law, the decision is indefensible?

  • What turned the Constitution into a “living” document that can mean anything Earl Warren, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor feel it should mean?

  • Is the “fairness doctrine,” which could kill conservative talk radio programs—like Rush Limbaugh—a violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment?

  • Are American citizens about to be stripped of their constitutional “right to bear arms”?

  • What are “unenumerated” constitutional rights, and why have they never been recognized?

  • Can racial quotas ever be eliminated entirely?

  • Where does the Constitution say that convicts are entitled to law libraries?

The answers to these and scores of other questions about America’s Constitution will, for good or ill, determine much about the future of the United States of our nation.

Those who are committed to fighting for that future must acquire a basic understanding of the Constitution's origins and birth, its written text, the manner in which it has been deliberately violated, and the consequences of how it has been misinterpreted by collectivists and statists.

Because of the importance of this struggle, I have put aside most of my writing and legal work to offer an Internet course consisting of ten lectures on American constitutional law.  (You can ascertain my credentials simply by taking a look at my blog (www.henrymarkholzer.blogspot.com) and/or my website (www.henrymarkholzer.com). The entire course syllabus, can be viewed HERE. 

Originally, when I presented this ten-lecture course to a live audience, at which participants interacted with each other and asked questions of me, the cost was $250.00.

Later, individual lectures and the entire course became available to be downloaded from my website.  A download of each two-hour lecture cost the nominal sum of $5.00 per lecture. 

If you see merit in this Internet course—which is designed to arm Tea Party members and other patriots with knowledge they need to fight for America—please forward all MCCS's announcements to as many individuals and organizations as you can.